Floods can be devastating and unpredictable natural disasters that pose a significant threat to properties and households. In Queensland, where heavy rainfall and overflowing rivers are common, it’s crucial to be well-informed and prepared for potential flood risks.

Storm Smart is your trusted source for reliable news and valuable insights tailored specifically to Queenslanders. Stay ahead of the game and protect your home and loved ones with Storm Smart.

Stay Informed and Minimise Risk:

Get Flood-Specific Information: Did you know that floods account for 30% of Australia’s natural disasters? Stay informed about flood risks in your area by checking with the local council and accessing relevant resources. Storm Smart provides the latest news and updates on flooding in Queensland, helping you understand the risks and take necessary precautions.

Create an Emergency Plan: Tailor an emergency plan that includes your family members, pets, and those with special needs. Consider potential scenarios such as road closures, blackouts, and water outages. Identify safe evacuation routes and communicate them with your loved ones. Storm Smart offers expert guidance on developing comprehensive emergency plans to ensure everyone’s safety during floods.

Protect Your Property: Storm Smart provides practical advice on safeguarding your home against flooding. Learn how to secure windows and doors, seal potential entry points for water, and elevate electrical components above flood levels. Discover tips on maintaining sump pumps, installing water alarms, and moving valuable items to higher ground. Stay one step ahead and minimise potential damage with Storm Smart’s helpful suggestions.

Sandbagging Techniques: While sandbags may not provide complete protection, they can significantly reduce flood damage. Storm Smart offers step-by-step instructions on how to properly fill and place sandbags to divert water away from vulnerable areas. Learn where to position sandbags, such as doorways, air vents, brickwork vents, and drains, to prevent water intrusion.

Stay Prepared with Storm Smart:

Build a Flood File: Assemble a personal flood file that includes essential documents such as insurance policies, contact information for insurance companies, and a detailed inventory of your valuables. Safely store this file in a waterproof container to simplify the claims process and minimise stress during emergencies.

Educate Your Family: Ensure that all family members understand the dangers associated with flooding. Share safety guidelines, such as avoiding flooded roads, contaminated water, downed power lines, and debris in floodwaters. Include information on evacuation strategies to facilitate a smooth and organised response during emergencies.

Evacuation Planning: Develop a comprehensive evacuation strategy that outlines where to go and how to get there. Familiarise yourself with local community evacuation routes and inform friends or relatives about your emergency plan. Storm Smart provides guidance on creating an effective evacuation strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Prepare an Emergency Toolkit: Put together an emergency toolkit that includes essential items such as a First Aid Kit, flashlights, a portable radio with spare batteries, bottled water, non-perishable food, blankets, rubber gloves, medications, mobile phones, and important documents. Be ready to handle any situation with a well-equipped toolkit.

With Storm Smart as your go-to source for flood-related news and safety tips, you can be well-prepared and protected during Queensland’s heavy rain and flooding events. Stay informed about flood risks, create a comprehensive emergency plan, and implement practical measures to safeguard your property. Storm Smart empowers Queenslanders with the knowledge and resources needed to face flood challenges