As Brisbane gears up for the anticipated dry bushfire season, the Brisbane City Council is taking significant steps to enhance community safety.

The council is offering Brisbane residents the opportunity to dispose of their green waste without charge, a move designed to encourage proactive bushfire preparedness. The key highlights of the programe include:

  • Council’s Call to Action: Brisbane City Council is actively encouraging residents to clean their properties, focusing on gutters and yards.
  • Vegetation Surge: The past three years have seen above-average rainfall, leading to increased vegetation, which can fuel fires.
  • Preventative Measures: The council has conducted 17 controlled burns and managed fire breaks over 3,150 hectares, alongside maintaining 128 kilometres of fire trails.

Monthly Free Green Waste Disposal

To support residents in preparing for the bushfire season, the council has introduced a “free tipping weekend” each month. During these weekends, residents can bring their green waste to designated recovery centres in Chandler, Nudgee, Ferny Grove, and Willawong at no cost.

John Welke, a Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) officer, emphasizes Brisbane’s readiness for the 2023 bushfire season. He notes the increased vegetation growth due to recent wet seasons and the importance of being prepared during the El Niño phase, which heightens bushfire risks.

Blonde girl in Brisbane City watching a Brisbane hail storm with large hail

Critical Fire Safety Warnings

QFES recently issued a catastrophic fire danger warning for several regions, underscoring the importance of being prepared. Welke advises residents to understand their specific bushfire risks, which can be checked on the QFES website.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner highlights the free waste disposal weekends as an opportunity for residents to safeguard their properties. The council’s efforts extend to converting green waste into mulch and compost, reducing landfill and stormwater drain blockages.

Key Dates for Free Green Waste Disposal

  • September: 9th and 10th
  • October: 7th and 8th
  • November: 11th and 12th

Brisbane Hazard Reduction Efforts

Despite climatic challenges, QFES continues to plan for hazard reduction burns. Welke encourages residents to use the free disposal weekends to clear their properties of potential fire hazards.

Beyond Free Disposal Weekends

Outside these weekends, residents can use waste vouchers for green waste disposal at participating centres or opt for the council’s green waste recycling service.

Expanding Support

The Brisbane City Council’s initiative for free green waste disposal is a crucial step in bushfire preparedness. By participating, residents not only contribute to their safety but also aid in broader environmental conservation efforts. Stay informed and prepared for a safer bushfire season.

In light of the various initiatives by the Brisbane City Council to combat severe weather risks, it’s crucial for residents across Brisbane to take proactive steps in safeguarding their homes. A key resource in this endeavor is the Storm Smart Check community support program, a part of the Smarter QLD Communities Initiative.

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