During the clean-up after Brisbane storm events, what information should you be aware of?

The area of South-east Queensland initiated a number of efforts to tidy up after powerful storms in the region. More often then not, these localised storms are known to reek havoc, resulting in homes lacking electricity and roads being cluttered with debris.

Jordan Callender from Insurance Claims Group advises individuals to be understanding as large volumes of claims are lodged with insurers.

He advised to avoid taking any risks when moving items and to take multiple photos as a precaution. He suggested starting to get rid of items damaged by the event can help, but encourages homeowners to document everything that is being discarded.

Before commencing repairs, it is advisable to obtain authorisation from your insurance provider as per the terms of most insurance policies.

There is a disaster hotline established by Insurance Claims Group, which can be contacted at 1800 424 768.

The Insurance Claims Group website provides a comprehensive list of information that policyholders can access, such as guidelines on which items to photograph and preserve.

Green Waste

Off the back of Brisbane storm events, local councils typically declared that there will be no charge for the disposal of green waste.

The Nudgee, Willawong, Ferny Grove, and Chandler transfer stations are commonly operational around the clock on the days following the severe storms.

Councils are also motivated to clear the debris and rubbish caused by the storm from the sides of the road in suburbs that have been affected.

On the website of Brisbane City Council, you can find a comprehensive collection of transfer stations that are currently operational.


The RSPCA is requesting that individuals who have had their pets go missing as a result of the storm get in touch with them.

During the recovery, Queensland Premier’s traditionally advised locals to contact the RSPCA in the event that they have misplaced or discovered any pets.

Further to this, government officials urged the overly concerned owners to contact the RSPCA as several pets escaped.

If you have come across an animal that is suffering, please contact the RSCA by dialing 1300 264 625.


Energex are fast to respond after severe weather events, working to restore power to households.

According to Energex, crews work to the best of their abilities given the circumstances around Brisbane storms.

It’s common for Energex to remove large-scale connections, which subsequently influence the circuits on a lower level. A necessity imperative in order to facilitate the repairs to smaller power networks and circuits.

Dial the phone number 13 62 62 for Energex hotline or visit the Energex website to know the suburbs that are being impacted.

Parks, pools and golf courses

Due to power losses, Leisure Centres, Parks and Pools typically shut down during and after Brisbane Storms.

Storm damage is known to caused the closure of Golfing facilities and complexes also.

South Bank Parklands is also known to be a common community area that is shut down when numerous trees have fallen and obstructed the area.

The Brisbane council websites have comprehensive inventories of all the closures during and after severe weather events.