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Brisbane City Council Promotes Bushfire Safety with Free Green Waste Disposal

As Brisbane gears up for the anticipated dry bushfire season, the Brisbane City Council is taking significant steps to enhance community safety. The council is offering Brisbane residents the opportunity to dispose of their green waste without charge, a move designed to encourage proactive bushfire preparedness. The key highlights of the programe include: Council’s Call to Action: Brisbane City Council is actively encouraging residents to clean their properties, focusing on gutters and yards.


Be Informed and Prepared with Storm Smart: Your Source for Flood News and Safety Tips in Queensland

Floods can be devastating and unpredictable natural disasters that pose a significant threat to properties and households. In Queensland, where heavy rainfall and overflowing rivers are common, it’s crucial to be well-informed and prepared for potential flood risks. Storm Smart is your trusted source for reliable news and valuable insights tailored specifically to Queenslanders. Stay ahead of the game and protect your home and loved ones with Storm Smart. Stay Informed and Minimise Risk: Get Flood-Specific Information: Did you know that floods account for 30% of Australia’s natural disasters?


Brisbane: Storm clean up, what you need to know

During the clean-up after Brisbane storm events, what information should you be aware of? The area of South-east Queensland initiated a number of efforts to tidy up after powerful storms in the region. More often then not, these localised storms are known to reek havoc, resulting in homes lacking electricity and roads being cluttered with debris. Jordan Callender from Insurance Claims Group advises individuals to be understanding as large volumes of claims are lodged with insurers.